Hello everyone, I'm thinking of buying a new camcorder...?

Answer I ran across this deal today and i have the older version, it is a great video camera and the price is unbelievable.…Good Luck

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Hello people , I am thinking of buying a Digital SLR Camera and have the following questions?

I think you spoke too soon about YA answers helping, those first three answers were just pathetic.They are both nice cameras, both have a range of accessories and lenses so large that you will be s... Read More »

Thinking about buying a camcorder~ But know nothing about them.?

When buying a camcorder battery how do i get a good price without buying a potentially explosive iece of junk?

Whether you are buying a "brand named" battery of a "non brand name" battery... A battery is a battery. All batteries are pretty much made in China and all you are paying for is a name... These bil... Read More »

Hello girls, how is everyone?

Aw honey. Don't give up hope! It's going to happen. Soon, I hope! It makes me so sad that my contacts have such a hard time concieving. Who ever thought it would take this long and be so heartbreak... Read More »