Hello everybody! this is soooo interesting!?

Answer if it is on your PC~print a copy and give it to the teacher ~or e mail need the address for the teacher on the wiki space web site ~or you may (if the teacher as used the option be able to p... Read More »

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What is love (Read this its soooo sweet!) <3?

Oh those are so cute! Im gonna post that as a facebook note! My favorite is "When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth." B... Read More »

How is everybody doing this month?

I sure appreciate your thoughtfulness this early in the morn. I am 37 wks pg and being induced in 2 wks if he doesn't show up before then, which I am almost positive he will!! Anyway, I would be ... Read More »

What is this 'Google' that everybody appears to be talking about?

Website Link: is a search engine. You type in a phrase or key words and then hit the search button. Google will then find internet pages that match what you are searc... Read More »

Hello everyone,what do you think of this one?

since it says for decorative and accenting purposes, i think it will work very well