Hello I'm trying to reach 100 subscribers.?

Answer You are not supposed to use this area for soliciting subscribers.Please use Yahoo! Groups or Yahoo! Messenger Chat Rooms.Thanks

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Do you have a lot of subscribers?

That's a good video , did you made by your selft ? i will happy to subscribe

How can i get more subscribers on youtube?

thats kinda funny for me cos i also have 4 subscribers, and i have 0 uploads, all i do is comment on videos.sorry im bragging. :Danyway subscribers doesnt mean video views, you can have a million s... Read More »

Are subscribers the most important?

Do not buy any subscribers.They are fake user accounts that will never check out your videos.Do you know the reason why people want subscribers ? They want them because subscribers(real human being... Read More »

How to get a lot of subscribers on youtube?

you have 17 subscribers now because i just subscribed to you,i will add you as a friend,comment your videos,rate your videos,comment your profile and ill tell some people about your channel,that sh... Read More »