Hello I have a computer question about "word"?

Answer press and hold the insert button on the keyboard.Hold it about 1 full second, that changes between inserting and typing over

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MS WORD Question – Mouse Pointer (Don’t select entire word)?

File, Options, Advanced, Editing Options: uncheck "When selecting, automatically select entire word".

Computer question. Putting Vista on a computer?

If you can put that on to more one computer, then yes. Often disks like that are for one computer only.You also need to make sure his computer can run Windows Vista. However, depending on his probl... Read More »

A quick question about microsoft word!!!?

That happened to me once and I didn't know what to do. I then found a solution. All you have to do is press the Insert button on your keybord and thats the job done. When you prees it look at the b... Read More »

Microsoft Word 2007 question?

• New Document or Ctrl+A• Styles Menu• No Spacing• Right click anywhere on page or click bottom RH corner → Paragraph Group on Ribbon• Paragraph• Set as Default (bottom of pane)\☺/