Heirloom Pepper Plants?

Answer Attesting to the long-running love affair between peppers and people, chili pepper traces dating to 7000 B.C. have been found in Mexican ruins, writes Lynn Coulter in "Gardening with Heirloom Seeds... Read More »

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What are rare heirloom seeds&plants?

The term "heirloom" applied to seeds indicates that the seeds have been "open-pollinated," and have not been genetically engineered or hybrid to suit commercial interests.Genetically ModifiedGeneti... Read More »

Wilting Pepper Plants?

Pepper plants are part of the nightshade family along with, tomato and eggplant. They can be susceptible to similar diseases. However, wilting leaves do not always mean disaster. Sometimes it could... Read More »

Pepper Plants & Insects?

Peppers, both hot and sweet, are second only to tomatoes in popularity among home gardeners. Hundreds of varieties exist, and all are subject to attack by dozens of insect pests. None of these are ... Read More »

How many pepper plants are in 5 gallons?

Pepper plants grow best when potted one plant per 5-gallon container. The root system for pepper plants require space to expand. Peppers compete for nutrients if placed in 5-gallon containers toget... Read More »