Heirloom Fruit Trees for the Deep South?

Answer Heirloom fruit trees are old lines of fruit trees that date back many years, as opposed to current cross-bred varieties that have been developed within the past few decades. The fruit from these li... Read More »

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Heirloom Fruit Trees for Zone 8?

Zone 8 runs in a broad belt across the southeastern United States, starting in Texas and extending through northern Florida. A wide variety of heirloom fruit trees thrive in this region, ranging fr... Read More »

Fruit Trees in South Carolina?

There aren't many types of fruit trees grown in South Carolina. In fact there are really only two, with a few extras that farmers toy with. For mass production on a large farm level, South Carolina... Read More »

Good Fruit Trees for South Tennessee?

Southern Tennessee is located in zone 7 of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's cold hardiness map. This region experiences cold-enough winters to provide the necessary chilling hours, or hours bel... Read More »

Fruit Trees Recommended for South Carolina?

Clemson University discusses recommended fruit trees for South Carolinians based on the four geographic regions within the state: mountains, piedmont, sand hills and ridge, and the coastal plain. W... Read More »