Height of plasma TV when mounted on a wall?

Answer The screen should be the same height as your head when seated. Remember the glass on the face of the screen will reflect light so mount it on a wall that does not have windows or other light emitti... Read More »

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What is the recommended height for a wall mounted plasma TV?

The height for a plasma TV depends on where you will sit to view it. The center of the TV should be in line with that viewing area. Using a laser level at eye height, aim at the wall and mark the p... Read More »

What height should a wall-mounted TV be installed at?

You have two options when choosing where to locate your wall-mounted TV. The first is to put it at a normal TV viewing height, about three to 3.5 feet from the floor. The other is to place it at "a... Read More »

What Height Should a 52-inch Flat Screen be Mounted on a Wall?

This depends on the height at which the television viewer will be situated when watching it. The middle of the television should ideally be level with the eyes of the viewers. Experts differ on the... Read More »

What is the proper height for a wall mounted coat rack?