Height of Grapevines?

Answer Grapes can be eaten straight from the vine or processed into juice, wine, jelly or a wide variety of other products. Many different grape cultivars exist, each with their own specific tastes and us... Read More »

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How to Tie Grapevines in a Vineyard?

Keeping a vineyard healthy and productive requires maintenance and care year-round. Although the style was once to cut vines back to a central stump each year and create bushier growth during the b... Read More »

How do I kill grapevines?

Cut the GrapevinesCut the grapevines with pruning shears or a hacksaw at approximately 4 to 5 feet from the ground. Follow the grapevine to the ground and cut the vines again at ground level.Herbic... Read More »

How do I plant grapevines?

Hardiness ZoneSelect grapes that are appropriate for your hardiness zone. Check the USDA Hardiness Zone online map for specifics or consult with a gardening center expert.Finding the Perfect PlaceF... Read More »