Height of Grapevines?

Answer Grapes can be eaten straight from the vine or processed into juice, wine, jelly or a wide variety of other products. Many different grape cultivars exist, each with their own specific tastes and us... Read More »

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How do I plant grapevines?

Hardiness ZoneSelect grapes that are appropriate for your hardiness zone. Check the USDA Hardiness Zone online map for specifics or consult with a gardening center expert.Finding the Perfect PlaceF... Read More »

When do you trim your grapevines?

On One Hand: Pruning Young VinesPruning and trimming grape vines is crucial when the plants are young. Trimming excess growth encourages healthy fruit production as the plant grows. You should firs... Read More »

When do I prune grapevines?

Pruning grape vines is best done during the dormant season. The timing will vary by region, but is generally between December and early March. Late winter is best, before the canes begin to bud out... Read More »