Heelp my carrot is stuck inside!?

Answer Don't squat down by any rabbits -- they have sharp teeth.

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I have a carrot stuck in my butt!!!?

im soeey but i think tht is funny i cant lie ive dont some experimenting in my day lol but never like that my advice is to wait for when you have to poop if it doesnt dome out then go to the er

Help me, I think I'm stuck inside my computer ?

I was masturbating and it's stuck inside HELP :'( !?

During female sexual arousal, the vagina "tents" to create a pool beneath the cervix for catching sperm. That might create enough wiggle room for you to pull the ball out. If that doesn't work, boo... Read More »

I have got a dvd stuck inside my dvd machine, how can i open t.?

poke a needle through the small hole on the front of your dvd drive & that should release the mechanism.Failing that, you'll need to get out your screw driver & open up the unit. It's only a few sc... Read More »