Heel pain after injury. helpppp?

Answer Hello,First of all I am sorry that you have this injury and pain, it must be frustrating.It is difficult to say exactly what happened to your heel but it does sound like you bruised it pretty badly... Read More »

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How to cure the heel injury?

Please takeCyclamen 200 (1 dr pills)twice a day (6 pills each time)Also, Mag. Phos 200 (1 pills)Hoemeopathy medicinesbest work on empty stomache.So, have a gap of half an hourbetween food and drink... Read More »

What is this problem/injury (on back of my heel) and how can I treat it?

There might be a number of reasons for your problem.Since you say it feels like there is air or liquid inside it might be worth having a look at bursitis as the problem. Bursitis is inflammation of... Read More »

Is pain & numbness from a pinched nerve a sign that injury is more severe than just same intensity pain alone?

I don't know where your injury is, but, for instance if you have a pain down the back of your leg, you could have sciatica, where a nerve in your lower back is being pinched. That is the pain and t... Read More »

Help heel pain when exercising?

I would go to the doctors. Even if it isn't something realy serious, they can still give you a brace or something for it.