Hedging Vs. Speculating?

Answer Hedging and speculating are the two basic kinds of activities in financial markets. Hedging generally involves trying to reduce risk in order to focus on another subject, while speculating involves... Read More »

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How to Write an Essay on Speculating About Causes or Effects?

The cause-and-effect essay is a common assignment for students of all ages, from elementary school through college. Teachers use the cause-and-effect essay as a tool for teaching students not only ... Read More »

What do you mean by"hedging"?

Hedging is commonly used is two ways. The first means to avoid giving away information or answering a question by giving a vague answer. In this sense, hedging can also mean avoiding an issue or ... Read More »

What to plant for hedging?

Yew trees are notorious for not letting much grow underneath them but blackthorn is a survivor. You don't need advice.

Planting hedging?