Hedges & Shrubs Used for Screening?

Answer Consider Robert's Frost line about good fences making good neighbors when selecting the most suitable privacy hedge or shrub for your yard that screens out unpleasant sounds and prevents outsiders ... Read More »

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Evergreen Shrubs for Hedges?

Creating a barrier around your property doesn't have to be boring, foliage-only shrubs. A variety of shrubs with colorful flowers are available, giving you a useful and attractive hedge. Evergreen ... Read More »

How to Trim Shrubs & Hedges Professionally?

Successful hedges or pruned shrubs begin with plant selection. For informal hedges or ornamental shrubs, choose species that already have the overall desired shape for your landscape purposes. This... Read More »

How to Diagnose Diseases on Shrubs and Hedges?

Many diseases can affect your shrubs and hedges. Each one has different symptoms but can be diagnosed if you pay attention and look over your plants often. The diseases are usually caused by fungal... Read More »

Shrubs For Screening?

One option when you desire a little privacy in your yard is to plant shrubs suitable for screening. If you plant a row of the right shrub, they will grow and their branches will meet, making it pro... Read More »