Heating element in stove broke can I replace it or do I have to buy a new stove?

Answer You sure can buy a new one. I have done it many times. Get the model number and the brand name of your stove and you can even order one online. But if you have a place close by, it will be cheap... Read More »

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How to replace a element control on your electric stove?

instead of repairing your things just buy new one....

How do I clean an old gas heating stove?

SolutionLimit use of your oven within a couple of hours prior to cleaning to ensure that it is cold. Place 1/2 cup of basic ammonia into a bowl. Adjust the oven racks to accommodate the bowl so tha... Read More »

How to Install a Propane Heating Stove?

A propane heating stove is a good way to lower your energy bill since it is very efficient and cost-effective. Propane gas is vaporized and this makes it a lot safer to use in your home than gasoli... Read More »

How to Change Out the Heating Coil on a GE Profile Stove?

The GE Profile is a 30-inch electric stove with a smooth glass surface to minimize cleanup from spills. Four heating coils and a warming coil are installed beneath the glass surface, radiating heat... Read More »