Heater Core Failure?

Answer Cars use a heating system in order to heat the vehicle cabin. A heat exchanger called a heater core is used for this function. A heater core can fail for a number of reasons.

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Heater Core Failure Symptoms?

All vehicle heating systems use heater cores, which are similar to small radiators in shape and function, to perform basic heater system operations. Heater core failure can cause a variety of heate... Read More »

Can a Heater Core be Leaking by the Heater Hose?

A heater core is a radiator-like device located inside the passenger cabin of a vehicle. The core is heated by hot engine coolant. Both the heater core and the heater hoses may leak due to wear or ... Read More »

How to Put in a Heater Core?

The heater core is one of the primary parts of your vehicles heater. Hot coolant passes through the heater core much in the same way it passes through the radiator and a small fan blows on the heat... Read More »

How to Install a Heater Core in a Car?

The heater core is like a small radiator that allows coolant to flow through a car's cooling system. A good heater core is needed for the heating/AC system to work. Installing a heater core in the ... Read More »