Heat Capacity & Temperature Changes for Concrete?

Answer Heat capacity is the amount of energy it takes to raise the temperature of a given material. Different materials have different heat capacities, and heat capacity can also vary with temperature. ... Read More »

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What is a good temperature program to use on a programmable thermostat for a heat pump to heat a house?

At what temperature will a heat pump still heat a home?

In the winter, the normal heat pump system extracts heat from outdoor air and transfers it inside where it is circulated through your home's ductwork by a fan. Even cold air contains a great deal o... Read More »

What is the heat capacity of air?

The specific heat, or heat capacity of air is 1.01 J/g(degree C). In order to raise the temperature of one gram of air one degree Celsius, 1.01 Joules of heat are required.Source:Specific Heat and ... Read More »

What is the heat capacity of copper?

The heat capacity, or specific heat of copper is 0.385 J/g(degree C), where the units are Joules (J), gram (g) and degree Celsius (degree C). To raise a gram of copper one degree Celsius requires 0... Read More »