Heartburn Or just something else?

Answer I don't know if this would relate to you, but I thought I was having heartburn all the time, but it was so painful, i didn't know what it was. A few days later, I realized what it was. My computer ... Read More »

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Is this heartburn or something else.?

As other has answered it sounds like acid reflux also none as gastro esophagus reflux disease (GERD). It's usually worsen at night, with late eating, when drinking soda and other acidic things. You... Read More »

You just changed the heating element in your water heater and hours later it is still cold you checked the breaker and that's ok Is there something else you need to check or can do?

When a heating element or a light bulb "goes bang" it often causes a fuse to blow somewhere in the circuit. A fuse can blow even if a breaker on the main panel trips, which often happens because wh... Read More »

You just joined army ROTC and you want to go into the jag corp Is there anyway to go straight into law school or do you have to commission and go do something else first?

You can apply to be a part of the program to continue on to law school and have the army pay for it. However, the percentage of cadets that are approved for the program is very small compared to th... Read More »

Anyone else offered a price on a phone bill and then charged something else?

If the service you had before was with your local phone company, call them and ask to switch back. Or if it was from some other company, call that company and ask to switch back.After you get every... Read More »