Heart symbol...?

Answer you push Alt and push 3 on the number pad on the far right of ur keyboard at the same time.see? ♥

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How to Make a Heart Symbol?

Soon after the mass introduction of the Internet, chatrooms, forums and instant messaging became popular vehicles for communication. Along with the new medium came novel symbols for communication. ... Read More »

How to make the heart symbol?

Yuh have to use a keyboard tht has the number key pad on the right , if yuh do yuh hold down ALT tap the number 3 on the keypad , take yuhr finger of ALT an it will be there :b

How do I add a heart or symbol to Facebook posts?

You use " & hearts ; "Remove the spaces and quotation marks.

How do you make a heart symbol on facebook?

♥ you have to put & hearts ; (that's a simi colon) but dont space between them i just put a space because if i didn't it would have made the heart like the one on there