Heart pain during jogging?

Answer Jogging puts too great a strain on the b'zooms, Unix.Try to glide along evenly as much as possible by only moving your legs from the knee joints down - having first of all clamped your knees togeth... Read More »

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What causes arm pain during heart attack?

Well first off to answer your question the pain that some people have in their arm(s) during a heart attack is a referred pain. Referred pain is when you experience in one part of your body when th... Read More »

Has anyone had pain in the back between the shoulders during a heart attack, instead of chest pains?

Among the many understood symptoms of cardiac disease like angina or AMI , the pain is typically in the back. Such is the case with pain in jaws.Please consult your doctor.

Heart or lungs, an incident while jogging?

You might be right, but let the doctor do his work to find out what the real cause is and than he can help you. You still can jog but more slowly, so you can control your breath even better, and th... Read More »

Whilst jogging, I feel a pain in my neck--?

Are you drinking enough water mate??Particularly since you are running for long periods, dehydration is a possibility ~ some of the symptoms of dehydration are puffy bags under your eyes, dark circ... Read More »