Heart beats fast during hangover?

Answer Bad hangovers are very unpleasant and can make you quite ill for a day or two and sometimes longer.Getting the shakes or the DTs (delirium tremens) is often an indication that you are turning into ... Read More »

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My heart beats fast a lot.?

Ok so this is actually normal if you're somewhat smaller than other people, you don't need to worry about it.The problem with stress and nervousness is this: even though you're not nervous, it stil... Read More »

What do it mean when your heart beats fast.?

You do not say what your age is. It doesn't really matter but if you are elderly you should see your doctor. It could be what they call SVT which is supraventricular tachycardia, where the heart ... Read More »

Heart beats fast or strongly help plz?

Please visit the provided link.…

What does it mean when your heart beats/pumps really fast 3x in a row?

It could mean that its time for you to have a check up with a Real Doctor who could tell you what might REALLY be wrong rather than a heap of "experts" on the net who know nothing about most things.