Heart Valve Surgery - What's the Typical Recovery Time for a Patient who's had Mitral Valve Surgery?

Answer Normally 6-8 weeks, though in less invasive surgeries, the recovery time is faster (4-6 weeks). The duration of the actual surgery is around 2 hours and I've noticed patients sit up on their bed as... Read More »

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What risks are involved for a 70+ lady with heart valve disorder (shrunken), if she refuses surgery.........?

Possible Complications of valvular heart disease:- * Arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms), including atrial fibrillation and lethal arrhythmias * Clots to other areas * Endocarditis (infec... Read More »

I'm looking for the heart patient diet you follow before heart surgery to loose a lot of weight.?

Heart surgery gone wrong. PLEASE HELP IS RECOVERY POSSIBLE?

Your situation with you mom is heart breaking. Like everyone else my advice is to contact a lawyer first thing Monday morning. I don't think a law suit should be limited to the hospital but in the ... Read More »

What is a good 7 day diet plan for a heart surgery patient?

Give him everything in moderation, just avoid salt, too much oil or fat. Revert him what ever is cooked at home. These dietary plans do more harm, than disease itself. Tell him to walk as much as h... Read More »