Heart Health Gets a Jolt from a Cup of Joe?

Answer Microsoft Office 2007 is the first Microsoft Office suite that adopted the "Ribbon" toolbar interface. This interface effectively makes some of the functions more visible by placing them in tabs ra... Read More »

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Is it safe to take an aspirin everyday for heart health if you have heart problems?

The instructions that the hospital gave me when they released me said "Avoid all ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES." which means no aspirin. Apparently aspirin can cause some serious problems for some heart pat... Read More »

How to Make V Jolt in Resident Evil?

In Resident Evil 1 Remake, on the GameCube, the Plant 42 boss presents a challenge. Using V-Jolt on its roots will make it weaker and therefore require less, if any, ammunition to finish it off.Not... Read More »

How can I improve my heart health?

Eat healthy and do cardio. Cardio is walking, running, swimming, biking. Do those and you'll have a strong heart

Why is it sometimes when you are about to fall asleep you jolt and feel like you've just fallen off a cliff?

This always happens to me. It's when I think i'm walking (like Louise) down stairs usually and I miss a stair. I asked about it and apparently one theory is there's tension in your body when you li... Read More »