Heart Health Gets a Jolt from a Cup of Joe?

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Is it safe to take an aspirin everyday for heart health if you have heart problems?

The instructions that the hospital gave me when they released me said "Avoid all ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES." which means no aspirin. Apparently aspirin can cause some serious problems for some heart pat... Read More »

My mother has cancer obtained a letter from her oncologist that her two little dogs are part of her therapy and mental health The condo board is insisting that she gets rid of one of them what do i do?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents.If the presence of additional animal violates a covenant, rule or regulation of the governing documents, these documents should also pro... Read More »

My heart rate gets too high when I work out?

Just work out a little dont push yourself and instead do 15 min.

What song gets your heart racing and why?

i have 4! aerosmith i dont wanna miss a thing, starship nothings gonna stop us, ronan keating you say nothing atal (all played in church for me and my fellas wedding, ) and bryan adams, our first d... Read More »