Hearing impairment, scholarship appeal?

Answer Basing my answer on "Documentation Guidlines for Health Condition for hearing, speech or visial impairment" as provided by both Vocational Rehabilitiation and also states colleges & universitiesSte... Read More »

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What are the challenges of language acquisition of the following category of children severe hearing impairment?

How much permanent impairment needed on each shoulder to reach 15 percent whole person impairment?

It could not be determined whether the form you're looking for is issued by private companies or public health or disability departments/agencies, so you'll first need to check who is authorized to... Read More »

I want to go to Juilliard, on a scholarship. What grades in high school are needed for a scholarship!?

Juilliard's only factor in admissions is how you do in your audition. They don't actually care how you did in high school re: grades. However, many other music schools really do care about your aca... Read More »

Scholarship question... What is the easiest scholarship you've entered and/or won?

florida bright futures and if you qualify financial aid