Hear scanner in area?

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How can i hear my local police scanner on my pc ive tried everything?

You can listen to live online scanner audio at RadioReference

What are the scanner frequencies for my area ?

Oddly, we do not know where you live!I found an online scanner which my friends all use now. I am going to pass it on to you.I am not affiliated with them, but I thought it could help you get polic... Read More »

Would this police/ems/fire scanner work for this area in NC?

Lincoln County and the city of Lincolnton do use analog frequencies. So , the BC72XLT will work. I did notice that Lincoln County has channels on the digital radio system that the state of North Ca... Read More »

Does the Epson V700 flatbed scanner scan 100% of the area of each 35mm slide that it scans, unlike the RX 640?

The Epson V700 is capable of scanning 120 format film, so I don't think there would be a problem scanning the whole slide, since it is certainly capable of scanning larger format film.