Healthy, fresh food that lasts a while once prepared?

Answer If its healthy for you, chances are its.healthy for bacteria and fungi.Best.thing to do is partially prepare and freeze.Look for hobo pack recipes.Pouches you van cook up by just throwing them in t... Read More »

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When losing weight, it is better to eat food prepared from scratch or food that is store bought?

It is better to eat food that you have cooked from scratch as you would know exactly what has gone into it . Store bought food is usually processed and full of additives and preservatives and have ... Read More »

Is it really healthy to lose some blood once in a while?

Loosing blood is not a normall occurence (excepting menstruation). Everybody gets cuts and scrapes and looses a little blood, as long as you are not loosing pints at a time you should be okay.

Ever found a grit while eating and wondered how it got in your carefully prepared food...only to realise later?

Theoretically, teeth should last our whole lives. However, they do not for most people, at least not all of them. Part of the problem is that our collective life spans have increased more quickly t... Read More »

What is the most delicious food that can be prepared at home?

For me it would be a nice piece of fish cooked just right, served with mashed potatoes, steamed leeks and green peas, and a creamy parsley sauce..Dune