Healthy Scalp Treatments?

Answer In a garden, healthy soil produces the best plant growth. The relationship between your scalp and hair is very similar. Your hair draws the nutrients it needs from the blood in your scalp, and is n... Read More »

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Spa Scalp Treatments?

The scalp has much to do with the overall health of the hair. A healthy scalp can contribute to healthy, lustrous hair. A dry scalp can be aided with the help of scalp treatments using soothing oil... Read More »

Exfoliating Scalp Treatments?

Your scalp deserves the same special treatment as you give the rest of your skin. In fact, it needs special treatment to stay healthy. Dead skin and product buildup can leave your scalp itchy and f... Read More »

Soothing Scalp Treatments?

To attain shiny, beautiful hair, you need to pay attention to one overlooked area -- the scalp. If your scalp is itchy, red or irritated, it'll affect the health, look and feel of your hair. Scalp ... Read More »

Professional Scalp Treatments?

People constantly try new products to keep their hair healthy and easy to style, but they rarely get products to treat their scalp. Healthy hair starts at the scalp, where the roots of the hair mee... Read More »