Healthy Recipes for lunch and dinner with these ingredients?

Answer Make Chicken Pasta with cheese:You will need:For the pasta:1. Pasta (the noodle kind)2. Sliced Chicken pieces3. One onion4. Spices5. Sliced Mushrooms6. Minced GarlicFor the sauce:1. All purpose flo... Read More »

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Help me make dinner! I have these ingredients:?

Use flour to coat the beef and Brown it on both sides in a pan with a little oil. Rinse the carrots, slice the potatoes, add whatever veggies you like,and put all of it in the crock pot with the be... Read More »

What can I prepare for dinner using these ingredients?

make the snot pocketsOPPs HOT pockets , toast the waffles and slice the onion put a hot pocket on a waffle cover with peas and melted butter AND WALAAA you have waffle pocket pizza pea thingys

What are some quick and healthy dinner recipes without meat 10 points?

Beans and Rice with whatever veggeis you want mixed inwhole grain Pancakes with lots of fruits (I love breakfast for dinner)Premade veggie Lasagna- you can make ahead and freeze itPizza bites, ther... Read More »

What can I make with these few ingredients ?…This site is great for finding recipies and the link I've provided above is perfect for searching by ingredients. Personally, with the items you listed, I... Read More »