Healthy Cooking Games?

Answer Getting kids interested in healthy eating can begin with getting them interested in heathy cooking. Turn time spent preparing food into a game to make nutrition fun and engaging, encouraging kids t... Read More »

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Which cooking oil is healthy?

On One Hand: A Variety of Oils Are Relatively HealthyAlthough all oils contain a significant amount of fat and calories, certain oils are healthier than others. The healthiest cooking oils are cano... Read More »

Is microwave cooking healthy?

On One Hand: Nutritionally NormalAccording to Harvard Medical School, cooking foods in a microwave oven does not destroy the nutrients to a larger degree than regular cooking. Heat in general is wh... Read More »

Is infrared cooking healthy?

On One Hand: Healthier Than the MicrowaveInfrared cooking is a much healthier alternative to microwave cooking. This is because infrared cooking greatly reduces the radiation of the food being prep... Read More »

How to Switch to Healthy Cooking?

Some healthy greensDo you want to cook and eat healthier? It's quite simple to substitute a few ingredients in your favorite recipes to make them much healthier and just as tasty.