Healthy Cooking Games?

Answer Getting kids interested in healthy eating can begin with getting them interested in heathy cooking. Turn time spent preparing food into a game to make nutrition fun and engaging, encouraging kids t... Read More »

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Which cooking oil is healthy?

On One Hand: A Variety of Oils Are Relatively HealthyAlthough all oils contain a significant amount of fat and calories, certain oils are healthier than others. The healthiest cooking oils are cano... Read More »

Is microwave cooking healthy?

On One Hand: Nutritionally NormalAccording to Harvard Medical School, cooking foods in a microwave oven does not destroy the nutrients to a larger degree than regular cooking. Heat in general is wh... Read More »

Is infrared cooking healthy?

On One Hand: Healthier Than the MicrowaveInfrared cooking is a much healthier alternative to microwave cooking. This is because infrared cooking greatly reduces the radiation of the food being prep... Read More »

How to Use Healthy Cooking Methods?

Devotion to a healthy lifestyle requires the change of exercise, eating and sometimes even transportation habits. This often means you replace processed food with fresh food. One of the best ways t... Read More »