Healthcare Finance Basics?

Answer Health care and finance are intimately related in a number of ways, but the most important relationship is the insurance market. Health care insurance providers are often massive conglomerates, suc... Read More »

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Healthcare Finance Definitions?

Health care finance is a branch of finance that helps patients and health care beneficiaries pay for medical expenses in the short and long terms. Some health care finance concepts have a general m... Read More »

Issues in Healthcare Finance?

The landmark healthcare reform legislation passed by the Obama administration in 2010 was meant to make American healthcare programs more solvent in the future. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security,... Read More »

Sources of Income for Healthcare Finance?

The health care industry faces a number of dire financial challenges. First, the retirement of the Baby Boomer generation, according to CNBC, "[is] making unsustainable demands on federal entitleme... Read More »

How to Understand Personal Finance Basics?

Getting a handle of managing your basic personal finance administration can return many financial rewards as well as provide you with more free time to pursue your interests and freed up money to i... Read More »