Healthcare: Could i get in trouble?

Answer That is the most asinine thing I have ever heard. Can you say lawsuit waiting to happen. Whoever is responsible for the patient is responsible for vitals. I never trust anyone to take vitals for me... Read More »

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Could HealthCare be ANY more complicated?

It can be complicated. That would depend on the situation.

Could I get in legal trouble for this?

The airwaves belong to the public. If your neighbor is broadcasting his connection without security, you are free to use it.

You think I could get in trouble at work for playing on here?

Keep to lunch, breaks, and after work you should be fine. But you better check with human resource to be sure.

In the current U.S. healthcare system, who pays for the healthcare?

does everyone pay for insurance, and the insurance pays for their healthcare â–¬ that is the basic premise of insurance.Do we pay for some, and then our insurance pays for the rest â–¬ this is the ... Read More »