Health wise, is there a huge difference between being Vegetarian and being Vegan?

Answer To Cliff. just saying that Vitamin B12 comes from bacteria not animals. It only exists so much in meat because of how unclean it is. It can certainly be found it vegetables that aren't washed prope... Read More »

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What is the difference between being vegan and vegetarian?

Vegan - person who never eats animal products: somebody who does not eat animal products for moral, social, or religious motives. See also ovolactovegetarianVegetarian - somebody not eating meat or... Read More »

What is the difference between being "physically vegan" as opposed to being "mentally vegan"?

No clue.Strict vegetarianism (the DIETARY component of VEGANISM, which is a philosophy and resulting lifestyle, is more aptly characterized as just that- a dietary choice.

What is better - being a vegetarian or being a vegan?

That's sort of like the Yankees or Red Sox debate. I'm a Vegetarian, and I eat eggs and cheese. I feel my choice is healthier for me, and compassionate. (free range, organic, etc)

Are there health advantages to being vegetarian?

Ok, there are actually quite a number of reasons being a vegetarian is much healthier than eating meat. Some of the other answers seem to have some misperceptions about things like protein, fat, an... Read More »