Health insurance for the self-employed?

Answer Damn! My sympathy. And folks wonder why the Health Insurance Companies are making money? This needs fixing...and fast.

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Can the self-employed deduct health insurance?

Self-employed people can deduct the premiums paid for health insurance for themselves and their covered family members. The Internal Revenue Service states that self-employed people can also deduct... Read More »

How to Get Health Insurance If Self-Employed in Indiana?

Health insurance is a necessity, but when you are self-employed in Indiana, you have to search a little harder. You are not eligible for traditional group insurance as and individual, so you cannot... Read More »

How much is it for self-employed health insurance?

The cost for self-employed health insurance varies depending on the size of the family. Many will pay around $1,200 per year for a single person where a family may cost up to $5,000 per year.Source... Read More »

How can you get affordable family health insurance if you are self-employed?

Health Insurance for the Self-Employed While the health care and health insurance debate is continually changing in our nation, the reality still remains that the individual, the small business and... Read More »