Health assesment and health history?

Answer The assesment of a patient is done by a nurse or doctor. This involves pulse, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, using a stethoscope to listen to lungs, heart, and stomach. Sometimes th... Read More »

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I need a health and safety risk assesment for the outside area of a nursery?

go to your local county council and ask the H&S Team to provide it! or if it's a private nursery then go on teachernet!

What does health history mean in insurance?

In the insurance industry, the term "health history" refers to any illnesses, conditions, or injuries that have occurred in the past for a specific customer. Insurance underwriters thoroughly inves... Read More »

Can your health insurance company force your spouse to take her employer's health plan as primary instead of yours?

Coordination of Benefits Yes, under the standard Coordination of Benefits provisions contained within Group Health Plans, the "rules" to determine which coverage pays first (primary) are clearly st... Read More »

Health - Is tender coconut drinking daily good for health or will it lead to cold ?

A very Good question!Tender coconut has several minerals and nutritions required for body. It is recommended even for infants by Doctors. Definitely it is not a cause for cold.MGR the ex chief mini... Read More »