Health assesment and health history?

Answer The assesment of a patient is done by a nurse or doctor. This involves pulse, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, using a stethoscope to listen to lungs, heart, and stomach. Sometimes th... Read More »

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I need a health and safety risk assesment for the outside area of a nursery?

go to your local county council and ask the H&S Team to provide it! or if it's a private nursery then go on teachernet!

Do you find women's health or men's health section more funny?

Lol, just out of curiosity i checked both sections the first question in womens health was;…and in men's health;…

What are the references to Military health insurance in the new health care bill?

Yes, but having a degree does not guarantee it. If you enlist into the military with a degree, you could be selected for OCS, but you could also be passed up for it. No one joins as an officer exce... Read More »

When did Vanguard Health Systems acquired Baptist Health System?

January, 2003. Since then, the Private Equity firm Vanguard has cut services and focused on profits margins.