Health Risks of Pine Tar Soap?

Answer A.A. Constantine's Persian Healing or Pine Tar Soap was patented on March 12, 1867, but pine tar soap had been in use much earlier. In this century, our concern with the role chemicals and toxins p... Read More »

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What is pine tar soap?

Pine tar soap is a soap containing about 20 percent pine tar. It boasts many skin-clearing properties. It can be homemade or store-bought.UsesPine tar has many uses, ranging from wood preservative ... Read More »

Recipe for Pine Tar Soap?

Pine tar soap gets high marks from many people for its ability to help alleviate skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema or acne. One way to make sure your bar of pine tar soap is free from impur... Read More »

How to Make Hot Process Pine Tar Soap?

Pine tar soap is a pungent-smelling soap that's been used for centuries -- to not only help with dry skin -- but to cover up scent during hunting trips. Knowing how to make your own pine tar soap f... Read More »

What Are Hot Tub Health Risks?

Hot tubs, whirlpools and jacuzzis are common in both professional spas and traditional homes. Hot tubs help to relieve muscle pain, aid stress and reduce anxiety. Though hot tubs are generally safe... Read More »