Health Information on Pekingese Dogs?

Answer The Pekinese is a member of the toy group as recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and is generally friendly, outgoing and sociable. However, the breed has some health issues. Knowing what t... Read More »

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Pekingese Puppy Information?

Choosing the right puppy requires research and an honest assessment of your ability to care for a particular breed of dog for its lifetime. The size, temperament, and care requirements should be th... Read More »

Name 12 circumstances that personal health information can be used for purposes unrelated to health care.?

1. As required by law (statute, regulation, court order)2. For public health activities3. Regarding victims of abuse, neglect, or domestic violence4. Health oversite activities (like audits)5. Judi... Read More »

What are the 12 circumstances can personal health information be used for purposes unrelated to health care based on HIPAA?

Good question! People are often amazed at how many different ways their health information or medical records can be used AND abused! I do not know if I can think of twelve circumstances, but here ... Read More »

What kind of health information can I store in Google Health?

Google launched Google Health in 2008, but the program remains in beta version. With a Google account, you can store, access and manage all your medical information in a private and secure place at... Read More »