Health Hazards of Computer Monitor Screens?

Answer Health hazards associated with computer usage, particularly the computer monitor, have long been a concern. Proper monitor positioning, posture and ergonomics minimize damage to your body. While li... Read More »

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How do I stop my computer monitor from switching screens?

Power saving settings. It is going into sleep mode, but your constant input(s) will wake it and it goes into the signin page.The main problem is the "HP" on the machine. I never buy that brand of... Read More »

Please provide 10 ways in which environmental health hazards can impact negatively on one's health?

Air pollution can cause:Respiratory disases (asthma, lung cancer, etc.)Water pollution:Cancer, birth defects, acid rain, & a variety of disordersExcessive trash:Risk of cutting self if stepped on s... Read More »

How to Set Up Two Monitor Screens?

Use two monitor screens to customize your workspace and maximize productivity. Not only does a dual monitor setup add style to the traditional desktop, it also makes it easier to multitask. Use you... Read More »

What are health hazards for not getting enough sleep?

You will feel tired all day, you will be likely to lack concentration and forget stuff.