Health Freedom?

Answer I haven't actaully read the article but do think that healthcare is not driven by doing the best for the patient although that is probably what most healthcare practitioners intend when they initia... Read More »

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Should we have the freedom to eat what we want?

What's the alternative? Vegetables? You mean, the things that once had life before being eaten by vegetarians and vegans? Beans? They had life once, too ... believe it or not. Fish? Don't eve... Read More »

How old is the Carnival Freedom?

The Carnival Freedom was completed in March 2007, and set sail from its building yard in Italy. The ship's decor, however, is made to evoke the feel of 17th-century France.References:Ship Parade: C... Read More »

Why do kids have no freedom?

I am guessing that you are a young person that and beginning to feel the urges that will eventually drive you from the nest. This is a normal part of your development.The fact is that freedom is re... Read More »

Why does the cia have more freedom of action?