Health Effects of Human & Animal Waste in Drinking Water?

Answer Safe drinking water is essential to everyone, especially families with children. With today's improvements in impurity detections, the water we once thought of as pure is now known to have contamin... Read More »

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What is the effects of tea and coffee on human health?

tea is very good for you , the chinese believed it cleanses your stomach and leaves you fresh. very organic. while coffee is not good for you if you drink too much, it has lots of caffiene which ma... Read More »

Effects of Mobile Phones on Human Health?

The explosive popularity of mobile phones has moved scientists and doctors to study the devices' potential ill effects on human health. The studies have revealed that the phones do pose some risks,... Read More »

The Effects of Soil Pollution on Human Health?

Water and air pollution can be reduced or eliminated by the use of filters. Also, water and air pollution tend to diffuse on their own over time and also merge with other chemicals to form harmless... Read More »

The Effects of Airborne Fungi & Mold on Human Health?

Molds are fungi that form a fuzzy growth on the surface of organic matter. According to the Environment Protection Agency, any indoor mold growth is potentially hazardous and should be addressed im... Read More »