Heal cutting scars/cuts faster?

Answer Mederma - kinda pricey but works gr8.

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How do I heal this cut faster?

Not much you can really do. Don't take NSAIDs (e.g. ibuprofen) for the pain though, they block the synthesis of what makes your cut close up so it can heal

How can i heal faster?

You can't. Just keep them clean.You should wash off any debris or dried blood immediately after the injury, then cover it with a clean cloth, bandage, whatever. Keep checking for any oozing, puss... Read More »

Heal A Cut Faster What to do or take?

If you wan't your cut to clot and heal very quickly, do these steps1. stay out of the sun2. take lots of vitamin K3. neosporin4. small bandaidHope this helps! :)

How to Heal Faster from a C Section?

A C-section is the surgical birth of a child. Healing from a C-section requires different techniques than those applied when healing from a vaginal birth. Knowing what the process of healing from a... Read More »