Headwrap Styles With Sisterlocks?

Answer Dreadlocks are strands of matted hair, and do not leave as much room for style versatility as loose strands of hair. Because of this, many wearers of female dreadlocks, or sisterlocks, enjoy divers... Read More »

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How to Style Sisterlocks With Heat?

Sisterlocks are small dreadlocks that can be done on relaxed or natural hair. Because Sisterlocks are so small, they can be styled in many of the same ways that loose hair is styled. According to ... Read More »

How to Tighten Sisterlocks With Fingers?

Sisterlocks are a low maintenance hairstyle often styled on natural hair textures. Essentially sisterlocks are individual dreads that are substantially smaller than the regular kind. Similar to oth... Read More »

How to Redo Sisterlocks With the Nappylocs Tool?

Sisterlocks are similar to dreadlocks and are formed by threading the hair unto itself to create a chain of locks that binds the hair together. The chain of locks stays uniform until the hair grows... Read More »

How to Re-tighten Sisterlocks With Your Fingers?

Sisterlocks are a great low-maintenance solution for someone that doesn't have a whole lot of time, energy or desire to dedicate to the daily upkeep of trendy hairstyles, but still want to look gre... Read More »