Headstart income question?

Answer Go to a local Head Start and ask for an application. All Head Start guidelines are different based on the state and area you live in. Some Head Starts accept what we call "over income" when there... Read More »

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Headstart Teaching Ideas?

The Head Start organization is a preschool designed to help prepare children for public school. The program is federally funded, and generally, the Head Start participants come from low-income fami... Read More »

Child being bullied at headstart daycare what can I do?

Head Start Daycare? Early Head Start? Didn't sound like it...but most Head Starts' are not Day Cares...but I won't go into that as I already did that once today and I'm coming to a conclusion...p... Read More »

What are the benefits of putting a child in headstart, a pre-pre school?

Early Headstart is just one option for you, there are other preschools with infant/toddler programs that would benefit your child to develop social skills, to deal with separation or gain independe... Read More »

FAFSA question 80 about parents' income tax?

They want your parents tax liability for 07. This is NOT the amount that was withheld on their W2s. It is also not the amount your parents had to pay or received after filing taxes for that year.... Read More »