Headset-Compatible Corded Phones?

Answer Headsets allow users to speak freely on the the telephone without the need to use or hold a cumbersome handset. Phone users are able to speak while engaging in another activity and prevent neck pai... Read More »

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Are any corded phones safer than other corded ones?

A simple corded landline phone is completely safe, and operates on the old fashioned analog 2 wire system.. It emits no radiation, or any other harmful products..

Can land/corded/home phones be recycled Or only cell phones?

I take all my old phone to the local goodwill stores, and they seems happy to get them!

Corded phone with headset jack?

Newer desk telephones have a 2.5mm Headset jack. Otherwise, any telephone with a corded handset can use a headset as well, such as:…

Are corded phones secure?

Yes, corded phones are secure. In fact, corded phones offer more security and privacy than cordless phones. Cordless phones use radio frequencies, which can be intercepted. Corded phones use wires,... Read More »