Headphoness/jackplug question?

Answer Sure - there are things called "y-adapters" for this. The Y-adapter has one plug, two jacks. (The jacks are the ones with the holes)Radio Shack and many other electronics stores sell them. Cost is ... Read More »

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Why is in are you smarter than a fifth grader the million dolllar question is a 5th grade question?

because the show is "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?". Any grade higher wouldn't go with the name.

One quick fun baby name question game! - only one question but one with fun! :)?

DOCTORS!!! please answer my's a life and death question.!?

Right now you are having a panic attack! Chill out! Take some deep breaths,and relax. I answered some of your other questions,please go back and look at my responses.Heartburn can cause pain like a... Read More »

This question is a weird question that only makes sense if you think oddly?

Your already there,,,, cus your Katy Perry? In CandyFornia?haha im so confused, please send me the answer(: