Headphones only work when part of the way in the jack?

Answer It sounds like the plug has been replaced on the headphones at some point, and was wired incorrectly. If the common (ground) wire was put on the tip or ring connection, the headphones would do exa... Read More »

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Why won't my Audio-Technica headphones work when connected to headphone jack on my Dell laptop or from the docking station headphone jack?

The headphones play a metronome tone which helps the drummer keep in rhythm. Also, to keep the band on beat, the drummer has the headphones to hear his band playing to stay in beat. It is the drumm... Read More »

You have broken your headphones off in your computer. how can you make the other headphone jack work?

3 hours straight is not good but it wont ruin your ears. Try not to listen to headphones all day. This will hurt your ears.

Does the Droid headphone jack work with normal size headphones?

How do you get your built-in speakers to work again you only have sound inthru headphones pluggend into the headphone jack?