Headphones not working with laptop...?

Answer Some jacks are really faulty with some headphone sockets. If your headphones work with the phone, then it must be with the laptop, because your headphones seem like they're functional. Some of the ... Read More »

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My USB Headphones Are Not Working With XP?

A USB headset is a simple device that can be used to communicate online with voice chat, record audio or listen to music. If you have a headset that is not working on the Windows XP platform, you c... Read More »

Why won't my macbook pro play audio through headphones or speakers When i plug headphones in the sound on the laptop cuts out but doesn't transfer to the headphones?

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Why wont your headphones work in your laptop I plug in my headphones and only the laptop speakers play?

Why is the sound on my phone only working with headphones when it's not on mute?

The card will probably work with a D7000. Class 10 indicates read/write speed. It won't hurt the camera so try it and see. If you haven't bought a card yet this page shows which cards Nikon has tes... Read More »