Headlight Wiper Removal?

Answer SAAB created the headlight wiper 1970. Ensuring safety was a concern and the wipers removed excess water from headlights. As a result, the car has a higher quality of light during rainy or snowy ni... Read More »

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Toyota Wiper Arm Removal?

To remove a wiper arm from a Toyota, first remove the cover at the base of the arm. Remove the nut beneath, and slowly but steadily pull the arm off of the pivoting bolt.

S-10 Wiper Blade Removal?

It is important to know how to remove a blade from the windshield wiper assembly, whether the blade breaks or just wears out. You should check your wiper blades regularly to make sure that the blad... Read More »

Audi Wiper Arm Removal?

Wiper arms are durable and they will likely not need to be replaced that often while you own your Audi. However, if an owner does need to remove them, the task is fairly simple and requires only a... Read More »

Removal of a Windscreen Wiper Arm?

A windscreen wiper arm is the rod that holds your auto's wiper blades to the windshield. The wiper arm is attached via a small rotating mechanism to the wiper motor on the cowl of your auto. Not to... Read More »