Headlight Removal in a Millenia?

Answer Removing headlights yourself saves you the time it takes to drive your car to the dealer and wait while they replace the headlights. It also saves you the cost of paying someone to do it for you.

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Mazda Millenia CV Axle Removal?

CV Axles or half shafts on Mazda Millenia come under a slightly different configuration, depending on your particular model, which makes the use of some special tools and even a hoist, in some case... Read More »

Mazda Millenia Brake Rotor Removal?

The Mazda Millenia uses a hydraulic caliper to apply friction to a brake rotor, stopping the vehicle. This rotor can wear out or become damaged from debris or lack of maintenance. As the rotor begi... Read More »

Headlight Wiper Removal?

SAAB created the headlight wiper 1970. Ensuring safety was a concern and the wipers removed excess water from headlights. As a result, the car has a higher quality of light during rainy or snowy ni... Read More »

GTO Headlight Switch Removal?

If your General Motors Pontiac GTO has a broken or malfunctioning headlight switch, but you don't want to pay a professional to replace it, you can likely do the job yourself in less than 30 minute... Read More »