Headlight Relay Switch Problems?

Answer Headlight relays switches refer to electrical components that interrupt a current between conductors via an electromagnet to control headlight activation, deactivation and brightness. Headlight rel... Read More »

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How Can I Test a Headlight Relay?

The headlight relay is a very important component in any vehicle's electrical system. It connects the headlights with the electrical power source that allows the lights to operate. The headlight re... Read More »

How to Wire in a Headlight Relay?

Automotive headlight relays plug directly into a relay socket that comes with wires already attached. If necessary, you can splice and extend the wires to reach the correct connection points. But y... Read More »

How to Install a Headlight Relay?

If you have a single headlight that continues to burn out but the small plastic fuse that powers it tests good, it may be possible that you have a blown headlight relay. Relays are similar to fuses... Read More »

What is a Car Relay Switch?

There are many electrical currents flowing throughout your car, and many of them must be regulated so they electrical parts will not malfunction. The parts that regulate the current are called rel... Read More »