Headlight Installation for 1994-1998 Ford Mustang?

Answer Replacing the headlight assembly on a vehicle might be a somewhat arduous task, but it is a necessary safety precaution. Every vehicle needs to have headlights that are in working order. The Ford M... Read More »

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Mustang Headlight Installation Instructions?

The Mustang has been rolling off Ford Motor Company assembly lines since 1964. As of 2010, you can still find Mustangs in your local Ford dealer’s showroom. Since 1987, Mustang headlights have be... Read More »

1994 Mustang 5.0 Spark Plug Wire Installation?

Plug wires aren't just a necessary part of any gas engine; some might see them as something of an artistic statement, a flowing and organic foil to the engine's inherent angularity. This is especia... Read More »

1998 VW Beetle Headlight Installation?

The 1998 VW Beetle uses halogen headlights. These H7 headlights need to be replaced when the filament breaks inside the headlight. Avoid trying to use high-intensity discharge headlights or LED hea... Read More »

Instructions for Mustang Halo Headlight Installation?

When purchasing a new or used vehicle, the new owner may want to add some personal touches. Changes that can be made to the vehicle can be performance-based or purely aesthetic. The Ford Mustang is... Read More »