Headlight Aiming Specifications?

Answer If your headlights are blinding oncoming traffic or blaring off into outer space, you need to adjust their aim. Doing so is a simple and straightforward procedure that takes about thirty minutes to... Read More »

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How to Adjust Headlight Aiming?

On most vehicles, the headlights are adjusted by using small screws on the right and left side of the headlights. Every vehicle is different and so is the placement of the adjustment screws. Older ... Read More »

Headlight Aiming Guide?

Aiming your headlights is an important part, and a considerate part, of your car maintenance. Misaligned headlights may not provide the illumination to see the road properly at night; likewise, if ... Read More »

Proper Jeep Headlight Aiming?

Adjusting the headlights of your Jeep isn't a hard task to complete at home. You can do this in any location where you can get the front of the Jeep close to a wall, fence or large building. It onl... Read More »

Specifications for Halogen Headlight Amperage?

Most cars today come standard with halogen headlights. When shopping for a new halogen light, the auto shop will have a book to look up the bulb needed for your vehicle, but you may want to know th... Read More »