Headlamp Switch Removal From a 1983 Ford Mustang?

Answer The 1983 Ford Mustang was equipped with a mechanically operated headlamp switch. The switch activated the headlamps, but also could be rotated to adjust the intensity of the dashboard lights. Withi... Read More »

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1983 Ford Mustang Specifications?

The 1983 Ford Mustang was restyled from previous Mustang models. It was introduced four years after the third generation Mustangs began selling in 1979. The base model sold with the same 88-horsepo... Read More »

Ford Focus Headlamp Removal?

The Ford Focus debuted in Europe in 1998, but didn't make it to the United States until 1999, featured as a 2000-line model. It features halogen capsule headlamps, which are much smaller than the o... Read More »

1993 Ford F150 Headlamp Removal?

Headlamp removal on a 1993 Ford F150 takes approximately 30 minutes. The headlamp is designed to allow the headlight bulb to be replaced, without readjusting the headlamp. Headlamp removal will req... Read More »

Headlamp Assembly Removal on a 2000 Ford F550?

Removing the headlamp assembly from your 2000 Ford F550 is a simple process, requiring only the use of a Phillips head screwdriver. As some models of the 2000 F550 have sealed type head beams, remo... Read More »